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Effects: rejuvenation, hydration, brightening
Capacity: 50ml

Captivating product with which you can see how perfectly the helix of natural collagen is built and take care for the appearance of your skin with the same perfection.
An exceptional blend of three types of collagen closed in one unique product increasing the density and elasticity of the skin as well as effectively preventing the running time.
Refined with silk proteins and colloidal gold in order to give skin incredible smoothness and to ensure perfect hydration. Complemented with an elegant and natural rose scent.
Atelokolagen is an exclusive care for demanding, recommended for the face, neck and neckline.

Properties of the selected components

Tropocollagen – preserving the construction of triple helix,
Atelocollagen – tri-helical collagen, subjected to the action of pepsin changes into its purest form, 
Procollagen – 
peptide chains, which are only to become collagen in the process of its creation, called collagenogenesis  
Sericin – liquid silk creates on the skin surface gentle film and adheres to it carefully, prevents from water loss, soothes and reduces skin irregularities.
Nano colloidal gold, for even more intensive migration of active components. The component known for centuries for its rejuvenating action and cleansing of the skin.

Innovative combination of components provides incredibly fast absorption of the product and supplements deficits of collagen in skin effectively.

How to use and advice

Moisten skin slightly with water, then apply Atelokolagen and rub until totally absorbed, then apply skin-care cream,
You can increase care effect of Atelokolagen by using Scrub regularly.
The best results can be obtained, when using other products from the care line COLWAY along with Atelokolagen. They can work in synergy then and increase their effectiveness.

  • text source: colway.pl