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Available packages: 60 or 120 capsules

Does care also means for you supplementing your diet in the ingredients necessary for health?

Collagen, constituting 30% of the total weight of the human protein, is responsible for the continuous renewal of body cells. It determines elasticity, firmness and proper moisturizing of the skin. For even better look of your skin and improve and for maximal improvement of its density we created COLVITA – the Capsule of your youth.

COLVITA is a unique, native, unusually bioavailable complete set of collagen amino acids. Obtained by lyophilisation (freeze-freezing water) dry, highly absorbable collagen is the main component of this supplement.
It is a unique collagen among other dietary supplements, commonly based on hydrolysates of animal proteins, commonly known as gelatine.
Taking care of your youth, we enriched Colvita with Algae (Fucus vesiculosus) of high content of organic iodine needed to maintain proper skin structure.
We also added Vitamin E extracted from grains, protecting the most important bastion of youth and vitality – the genetic code of the DNA of skin cells.

Colvita provides the body with all of elementary building ingredients of collagen and thus the whole connective tissue.

  • text source: colway.pl