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ColamiD — globally unique natural complex of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It provides the body with highly bioavailable minerals, macro- and microelements.
The resource with  certifications of microbiological cleanliness and European Union standards is to be found in our supplement.
The only substances added to the formulation are vitamins D and K.
  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal energy metabolism
  • Helps in the proper functioning of cell membranes
  • Helps maintain healthy teeth and bones
  • Participates in the cell division and specialisation processes
  • Required for maintaining healthy bones and teeth
Vitamin D 
  • Helps with the proper absorption/utilization of calcium and phosphorus
  • Helps maintain normal blood calcium level
  • Helps maintain healthy bones
  • Helps in the proper functioning of muscles
  • Helps maintain healthy teeth
  • Helps with the proper functioning of the immune system
  • Participates in the cell division process¬
Vitamin K
  • Contributes to normal blood clotting
  • Helps maintain healthy bones

Zawartość składników w zalecanej porcji dziennej / Content In Referenced Daily Amount:

Składniki / Ingredients Zawartość w 2 kapsułkach / Content in 2 capsules % RWS (referencyjna wartość spożycia) /
% NRV (Nutrient Reference Value)
sproszkowane ości rybie, w tym: / fish bone powder, including:
► białko / protein
► wapń / calcium
► fosfor / phosphorus
1000 mg
330 mg
280 mg
120 mg

witamina D / vitamin D 10 µg 200%
witamina K / vitamin K 40 µg 53%

Items in package: 60 pcs

  • text source: colwayinternational.com