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Who we are

The time is now! collagen.expert is a joint project of Agnieszka Chyćko and Henryk Lipa who, having achieved considerable success in the mlm market themselves, decided to share their experience, passion and unique business philosophy with others. The universal desire to stop the passage of time, prevent fading away, preserve life’s most precious moments, has always been a recurring theme not only in artistic endeavors but also in our everyday lives.

Instant cameras are a now iconic tool allowing for the two spheres to seamlessly come together, therefore we often refer to its well-known framework as a metaphor for what we do. Join us in discovering the most advanced and effective ways to preserve the beauty in each of us, let us explore the world of cosmetics, supplements and 21st century business!

The time is now!


What we do


Vision combined with passion, innovativeness rooted in experience, business solutions tailored to the needs of the 21st century – these are the priorities of Colway and Colway International. It is a tremendous joy to be able to cooperate with Polish companies whose values we can so fully identify with! Or primary concern is always for truthfulness and honesty, and we make sure to provide our collaborators with transparency, openness, peace of mind, confidence, and a sense of security. We have worked in multi-level marketing for fourteen years, which allowed us to gain a comprehensive insight into the financial aspects as well as structural and networking prerequisites of the endeavor.


Our product offer is  absolutely unique, perfected and expanded over a period of fourteen years, tailored to the needs and expectations of the modern world. The cosmetics and supplements we recommend offer benefits in the areas of beauty and prophylaxis. Our favorite product, a unique discovery and the motor for our business’s success is collagen. The exceptional preparation can effectively stop the biological processes of aging for many years. Our product is a hydrate – natural (native), which means it is found in nature and its structure is identical to that of collagen naturally present in human body.


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Native Collagen DNA
combines nature and the latest biochemical engineering. DNA repair and its protection is the most element to make the skin look healthy. It is Native Collagen Pure enriched with active ingredients that support and activate natural processes creating connective tissue. It intensely stimulates cells to function properly. The body has the ability to repair its nucleic acids. This mechanism, however, is disturbed, degraded and subjected to oxidative stress.
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Vitamin C-olway with collagen
Vitamin C is the most important of the vitamins taken in our food, because of its role in the formation of bio-collagen, i.e. the protein of youth and the main component of the connective tissue. Man is one of the few mammals on the planet, whose body does not produce vitamin C in the liver. An extreme example of the consequences of its deficiency is scurvy, a disease resulting in stopping the processes of collagen genesis. We do not always have the opportunity to effectively take care of regularly providing our body with adequate doses of vitamin C. In addition, a number of adverse factors of civilization as well as stress cause the increase in the demand for this substance.
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An exceptional blend of three types of collagen closed in one unique product increasing the density and elasticity of the skin as well as effectively preventing the running time.
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This cosmeceutical will not only revitalise your skin and smooth wrinkles but it will take care of it in extreme situations. It will speed up healing of burns, abrasions, insect bites and herpes. Collagen Platinum is completely natural and safe product, perfect for very sensitive or even irritated skin. It brings long-term relief quickly and effectively and supports restoration of delicate skin.
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An elementary component of the dietary supplement AXANTA is astaxanthin, a carotenoid special in nature that occurs in plants and animals, without exception considered to be a healthy food. It is astaxanthin which dyes meat of salmon and many shellfish eaten as seafood, as well as seaweed and algae, among others Haematococcus pluvialis, from which it is extracted by our renowned Swedish producer. Astaxanthin is a substance highly desired by consumers of dietary supplements. For years only leading producers of dietary supplements have been composing their products with it.
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Baby wash gel
Baby skin hygiene requires special care and unique ingredients. Baby wash gel is a hypoallergenic product, with no parabens, without SLS soaps or artificial colourings. It is so delicate that it does not sting the eyes. Hydroactive emollient and herbal surface-active agents gently purify, moisturise and protect the skin. Collagen and aloe extract, rich in amino acids, mineral salts and vitamins, both regenerate the skin and keep it at an adequate level of humidity. Jojoba oil effectively regenerates the skin’s natural protective barrier. It does not clog the pores. To ensure proper baby skin nourishment, choose a specially composed and tested product.
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Agnieszka Chyćko

  • Telephone: +48 502 565 733
  • E-mail: a.chycko@collagen.expert

Henryk Lipa

  • Telefon: +48 501 733 857
  • E-mail: h.lipa@collagen.expert

  • Adress: ul. Grodzickiego 43, 20-258 Lublin

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