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Who we are

A few words about us

The time is now! collagen.expert is a joint project of Agnieszka Chyćko and Henryk Lipa who, having achieved considerable success in the mlm market themselves, decided to share their experience, passion and unique business philosophy with others. The universal desire to stop the passage of time, prevent fading away, preserve life’s most precious moments, has always been a recurring theme not only in artistic endeavors but also in our everyday lives.
Instant cameras are a now iconic tool allowing for the two spheres to seamlessly come together, therefore we often refer to its well-known framework as a metaphor for what we do. Join us in discovering the most advanced and effective ways to preserve the beauty in each of us, let us explore the world of cosmetics, supplements and 21st century business!
The time is now!
Colway S.J. was established in 2004 on the foundation of Polish inventiveness and entrepreneurship. The experience gained from that initial endeavor allowed the Owners to set up a daughter company, Colway International S.A., with the goal of reaching out to global markets. Both companies operate within the framework of multi-level marketing, and although they remain independent, their offer is shaped to be mutually complementary. It has been our privilege and a source of pride to have been able to cooperate with both Colway and Colway International from the moment of their conception!

Our fascination with the concepts of multi-level marketing inspired us to devote our passion and full commitment to pursuing this professional path. As we were soon to discover, the choice would redefine our entire way of life.

And what was our life fourteen years ago? In those days, we devoted the same passion and enthusiasm to the work of physical education teachers in schools. It is a beautiful and highly responsible profession. Being able to ensure the proper physical development of students, shape correct motor habits, develop the passion for sports and healthy lifestyle, was a source of great personal satisfaction. There was just one problem: the average salary of a teacher in those years was around PLN 1,500. Back then, we did not yet think in the categories of mlm. Instead, we simply looked for any work that would allow us to make some very needed extra money. We did overtime, took up additional jobs at sports clubs, travelled abroad in search for more gainful employment, worked as insurance agents, taxi drivers…

Fate or chance? They say there is no such thing as chance. It was at that time that fate offered us something that at first did not seem particularly promising, but ultimately provided a viable alternative for overtime work and a chance to achieve a decent life standard.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

Jarosław Zych came to take part in an informational meeting organized in our city and speak about fish collagen and his new business venture. He described the possibility of slowing down, indeed stopping the processes of aging for many years, explained the concepts of Kyosaki’s cash flow quadrant, financial freedom and passive income… We were bewildered by his vision but also fascinated and intrigued. We decided to embrace this form of professional activity and soon discovered its considerable benefits. We found it suited to our personal aspirations, a source of genuine sense of self-fulfillment and, simply put, happiness.

Our lives were turned around. Taking up the work in multi-level marketing was a conscious choice that ultimately became the source of deep personal-satisfaction and financial freedom.