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Hair Thickening Conditioner
Effects: thickening, strengthening, nutrition
Capacity: 200 ml

Hair thickening conditioner
Worldwide unique, complete hair conditioner.
The ingredients contained in it, actually enable a positive impact on the condition of hair along its entire length.

There are three main areas of the hair:
– the hair root
– sebaceous glands and the hair tubule
– dead keratin process, above the hair tubule
(which is what we see and call  the hair).

Practically, all hair conditioners make contact only with the visible part of the hair, above its tubule. Hair Thickening Conditioner – original project of the Polish inventor, doctor of chemistry Krzysztof Słoń – thanks to the presence of active diosmin, works on the area where hair is born, so on the hair follicle.  Specifically high concentration of diosmin causes increased blood flow in the blood vessels of the follicle, which results in greater amount of nutrients used by the body to hair growth.

With such an avant-garde design of the conditioner, we can enjoy the extraordinary effects of its application. The environment of hair thickening COLWAY conditioner is so comfortable that the newly growing hair regains its natural colour even in the early stage of getting grey. It grows stronger, better hydrated and healthier. After the first application, hair becomes oily much more slowly and on the third day after washing it looks as well as on the first. COLWAY conditioner will be appreciated by the people who do not want to wash their hair every day, but want to keep its fresh look.

Directions for use:

On wet hair apply a small amount of the conditioner and massage into hair and scalp for one to two minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Apply after each wash.
To wash your hair use Hair Thickening Shampoo COLWAY. Applying both of these products increases the thickening effect markedly, which will be noticed by every user after just a few or several weeks on the comb while combing.

  • text source: colway.pl