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Liquid make-up remover
Effects: purification, hydration
Capacity: 300ml

Liquid make-up remover quickly and gently cleans even waterproof makeup. Contained active substances provide strong nutrition and hydration of a thin skin layer under the eyes and the entire face. It contains a complex of NMF natural moisturising factors such as urea, sodium salt of pyroglutamic acid – PCA, glycine and fructose, vitamins from B group responsible for the regulation of the lipid layer and sealing the capillaries (disappearing of so-called “spider veins”), perfectly absorbable atelocollagen and soothing allantoin. It leaves soft, protective and moisturizing layer and pleasant feeling of relaxation on the skin.

The formula of the liquid has been enriched with soothing and calming agastache extract. The product is based on “green” emulsifier.

It does not cointain SLS.

Directions for use:

Before using the product, shake the bottle to blend both formulas of liquid. Leave-on cosmetic product.

  • text source: colway.pl