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Witamina C-olway

Effects: Strengthening, nutrition, immunisation
Packaging: 100 capsules

We take vitamin C-olway directly from nature – from buckwheat sprouts and bitter orange. These two plants are currently considered to be one of the most valuable sources of this vitamin, due to the high bioavailability and excellent flavonoid links. We took care that the quality and efficiency of extracts of used components exceeded other supplementary products available on the market.

Avant-garde Vitamin C-olway helps in the production of collagen, which maintains healthy blood vessels, bones and skin. Regular use of Vitamin C-olway will lead you not only to smoother and glowing skin but also and above all will support your immune system and metabolism, as well as will reduce sense of tiredness and fatigue, so it will improve your general well-being. Welcome our C-olway and let it become your friend. It is currently one of the best vitamin C in the world. 100% natural, left-handed, without synthetized Ascorbic Acid and fillers.

Vitamin C closed in our capsules is 100% bio. Vitamin C saturation conditions proper functioning of our body, human does not produce it like other mammals in their own organism. Therefore, we need to obtain it with food and dietary supplements.

  • text source: colway.pl