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Xshot Dietary supplement

Xshot contains a combination of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts selected to reduce tiredness and fatigue, as well as to support normal energy metabolism (vitamin B12). It is composed of 16 ingredients supporting the body’s own natural energy production mechanism. Feel more empowered by giving up your high-sugar energy drinks – they dramatically raise and then quickly lower your blood glucose levels, increasing your energy deficit.

Who is xShot for?

• Anyone who needs a burst of energy

• Anyone with an active lifestyle, practising sports and controlling their weight

• Regular gym members – as an alternative to synthetic glucose shots

• Frequent travellers on business trips by car, or anyone spending long hours behind the wheel

• Anyone working or studying for long hours – when an extra dose of energy and concentration is required

• As a healthy substitute for people drinking large amounts of coffee, which is well known for its acidifying effect


Used for centuries in Chinese medicine, Ginseng improves the efficiency and endurance of the body, helps maintain the sex drive, including the induction and improvement of erections, stimulates vitality and prevents fatigue. Also helps in stressful situations when we lack energy and a positive life force.


Supports physical and mental performance as well as helps maintain optimal endurance and vitality.

Black mulberry

Contributes to physical well-being and helps maintain normal blood glucose levels. Mulberry has been widely used in folk medicine for centuries. It is rich in flavonoids, coumarins and tannins. Mulberry berries contain vitamins A, B₁, B₂ and C.

Damiana leaves

Originating from South American tropical forests, the dried shoots and leaves of the Turnera diffusa plant were valued by the Mayans for their strengthening and cleansing properties. They also help maintain normal blood glucose levels, support mental activity and help to reduce the appetite.


Helps maintain mental efficiency, while its natural caffeine facilitates weight loss and increases vigilance (measured as the speed of your reaction time).


Contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive system.


Known in the Far East as ‘the world’s healthiest spice’, ginger supports the immune system and positively affects the vitality of the body.

Vitamin B₆

Involved in the normal synthesis of cysteine and red blood cells. Supports the functioning of the immune and nervous systems and helps maintain proper energy metabolism.

Vitamin B₁₂

Helps maintain normal psychological functions, contributes to the proper functioning of energy metabolism and reduces feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Also supports the proper functioning of the immune system.

Vitamin B₁

Contributes to maintaining proper energy metabolism, and helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system and psychological functions.


Helps maintain the normal condition of red blood cells and healthy skin. Supports normal, healthy vision and protects cells from oxidative stress.

Folic acid

Assists with proper blood production and homocysteine metabolism, supports normal psychological functions, contributes to reducing tiredness and fatigue, and participates in the cell division process.

Pantothenic acid

Contributes to normal mental performance and maintaining normal energy metabolism.


Involved in the cell division process and proper synthesis of protein, helps maintain normal carbohydrate metabolism and contributes to the proper metabolism of macronutrients.


Contributes to normal energy metabolism, assists in the normal functioning of the muscles (including the heart), reduces tiredness and fatigue, helps maintain normal psychological functions, promotes normal protein synthesis and also plays a role in cell division.


Helps to improve focus and concentration.

Składniki / Ingredients Zawartość 1 Shota/
One Shot contains
% RWS (referencyjna wartość spożycia) /
% NRV (Nutrient Reference Value)
ekstrakt z guarany, w tym: / guarana extract, including:
► kofeina / caffeine
227,27 mg
50 mg
ekstrakt z żeń-szenia, w tym: / ginseng extract, including
► ginsenozydy / ginsenosides
100 mg
10 mg

ekstrakt z korzenia maca / maca root extract 100 mg
ekstrakt z owocu morwy czarnej / black mulberry fruit extract 100 mg
ekstrakt z kłącza imbiru / ginger rhizome extract 130 mg
ekstrakt z ziela werbeny / verbena herb extract 150 mg
ekstrakt z liści Damiana / Damiana leaf extract 100 mg
kofeina bezwodna / anhydrous caffeine 150 mg
witamina B1 / vitamin B1 1,10 mg 100%
witamina B2 / vitamin B2 1,40 mg 100%
witamina B6 / vitamin B6 1,40 mg 100%
witamina B12 / vitamin B12 2,50 μg 100%
kwas pantotenowy / pantothenic acid 6 mg 100%
kwas foliowy / folic acid 200 μg 100%
cynk / zinc 10 mg 100%
magnez / magnesium 50 mg 13,33%

*- – Nie ustalono dziennej rekomendowanej wartości spożycia / The Daily Dietary Reference Intake has not been established

Items in package: 10 x 60 ml

  • Text source: colwayinternational.com